What we do

At Chew Express we have proven that we can.
The team of Chew Express has everything to connect the buyer of dog snacks with your private brands or private labels, your purchasing channel and the quality that every dog lover is looking for.

Braaaf Rewards

Braaaf offers you a wide choice of many different treats and rawhides which are delicious, healthy and top quality. If Braaaf is on the packet, you know for sure that it’s good.

The effect of hemp

Did you know, for example, that hemp also has a calming effect on pets? Perfect for that troubled dog or cat! Hemp also provides a shiny skin and coat and it’s great for hips and joints

What We Do
What We Do

Natural toothbrush

We probably don’t have to tell you that chewing is important for your dog. Good dental hygiene ensures a healthy dog. That is why Chew Express developed ChewBello’s, the natural toothbrush for dogs.

Urine Off

It’s unavoidable, pets sometimes have accidents… How to remove those urine stains and that bad smell? We have the solution…

Urine Off!

What We Do