Private Label

Chew Express is a specialist in the development and management of private label dog snacks. With a deep and broad experience in the industry and world market we will tackle the following aspects:

Development of brands and house brands

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of Private Label, we have made all the mistakes ourselves and learned from them.

Sourcing, with buyer expertise and networks across the world

Our network consists of several extremely reliable manufacturers, where we remain closely involved with during the entire process.

Packaging; from design to production

We are transparent and honest about how our products are made. Because you MUST and WANT to know what you offer your customers.

Category management of the product group dog snacks and chewing products and rewards.

At Chew Express we work with an unique vision on snacks and rewards: these must be as good, as healthy and responsible as the food, that every animal lover chooses with the utmost care.